Continuity Project


Patriots, if you run a personal space of any sort, I would like to link to it on my site to help combat freedom de-personing of any sort by the disgusting media monoliths. This is critical 2020 and beyond for obvious reasons. If you are willing, I will place a link to your blog, site, page etc. @CinClipS on Parler, Gab Minds, my Contact page or anywhere else we share a presence with your link and you will be included this Continuity page on my next update.




The OuterNet

We are not wanted on the internet. That is fine. The following enclaves have been created for us, and along with our personal spaces more are being created daily as the monoliths destroy themselves. Below are verified alternative freedom spaces.

List started by @ZedHed at

More to Come!

#AnarchoCoalitionism #Collapsitarian #Kharmageddon #Voluntaryism #minds #OuterNet


ATTENTION: Avoid 8Chan right now. Check out Parler, Gab and Minds.