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Welcome! This resource is the primary pillar of the Continuity Project & is designed to be a quick reference for current and future Patriots of the movement. Below are resources that will help newcomers & veterans alike understand & participate in the movement. This information is far from exhaustive. Thanks to DevAnon at https://qalerts.app/ and other Patriots for originally curating the majority of this information.

The Patriot NeonRevolt wrote a fantastic story answering this question about as well as it can be answered. Please read Who is QAnon? An Introduction to the QAnon Phenomenon #QAnon #GreatAwakening & also take a look at Welcome to _QResearch .


These videos are considered by most Patriots to describe Q, the plan & the movement to a reasonable degree of accuracy.

The Official sources include authoritative accounts of those POTUS, the executive branch, & Q.

These are a few of the many faces of the movement. This list is in no way all inclusive.

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