Welcome to a throwback…at the very edge of the internet.  In this dystopian futurist 1984 multi-faceted attack, full frontal assault in real time dooms day prophet politician propagandizing world. Here, where the Artificial Intelligence Leviathan processes eighty-eight percent of ALL the #data

FOLLOWUP: Cummings. Baltimore. DNC. Pelosi. Part 2 – Elijah Cummings dies at 68. Long live the People.

Cummings, powerful congressman leading Trump probe, has died https://archive.is/o4WCU Boom. Your move. #Cummings. #Baltimore. #DNC. #Pelosi. Followup to Cummings. Baltimore. DNC. Pelosi. Tick. Tock. #Timing is Everything. WHO is the [DS]? #Bush. Koch. McCain. Cummings. RBG? What is the [DS]? FBI+CIA Leadership: https://www.resignation.info/

MEGAPOST: Hong Kong’s People are: We, the People. 🇺🇸 The Government Withdrawals…

What you are apparently seeing is right wing #extremist white nationalists who love Trump & post #Pepe memes…the horror!     Pepe the Frog Means Something Different in Hong Kong—Right? Pepe is popping up all over Hong Kong—on walls, in forums, in

FOLLOW UP: Mockingbird – The Fake News Covers the Military Covers the Fake News…

#Timing. Is. Everything. #Preelection? 🤔 After the disaster #hoax attempt that was Trump Russian #collusion, we suddenly have this! Magic, it must be new like the #communist #trade war & the #HongKong #freedom fighters! #mockingbird Patriots, ICYMI This is a direct #followup

Study: Leftists Probably Hate Your Beliefs & Definitely Want Them Censored. 🚫

The Ideology of Censorship Abstract Recent work has suggested that Liberals have sacred values about protecting low status groups and thus are particularly prone to bias against any information that portrays those groups unfavorably. In a preregistered study (n = 559), we

Dave Chappelle is to Freedom What Donald Trump is to…

  https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/59ngpb/you-can-definitely-skip-dave-chappelles-new-netflix-special-sticks-and-stones https://archive.is/zAjlK Here’s the latest, most popular hit piece on one of the masters of comedy & by an extension a #free #speech hero. Remove the name Dave #Chappelle & my oh my doesn’t this sound familiar? The short memory of

Surprise Surprise: YouTube & Facebook Violated Your Child’s Privacy Without Your Knowledge or Permission…

…But only ONE got away with it. In the latest case of so called “private” overtly political multi national multi billion dollar asset violating the sovereignty of the people: #YouTube, it’s parent #GoogleMonster, & #Facebook has been found guilty of intentionally violating

O.co, The Deep State, & the Burn Notice…

More #deepstate shenanigans via leadership at #State, #FBI, & #CIA… I suppose this gentleman is a #conspiracy #theorist.  If you’re unfamiliar with the context see here… 420379775-FBI-Conspiracy-Theory-Redacted.pdf https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-08-02/do-you-believe-conspiracy-theories-fbi-report-says-youre-potential-domestic What is a #burnnotice? Stay tuned… https://archive.is/yVyRp     https://youtu.be/VgUjecJtcOY   Overstock.com CEO out

Freedom of the Press, Government NDAs, “Global Engagement,” the Deep State & Project Mockingbird

15 Former Spooks Who Work At CNN And MSNBC Now https://archive.is/43Qeu   What is #Propaganda? What are #Psyops? What is the #State Department’s & #CIA mission statements? Where is #FBI Headquarters? Who was the first #director of the FBI? [JC] is [JH]

David Koch, dies at 79. Long live freedom.

  David Koch, billionaire conservative & one of the world’s richest people, dies at 79 https://www.rt.com/news/467142-david-koch-richest-dies/ Whom or what is a David Koch do you ask? Even #RT thinks they are who they say they are. However I caution you, it depends

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