Welcome to a throwback…at the very edge of the internet.  In this dystopian futurist 1984 multi-faceted attack, full frontal assault in real time dooms day prophet politician propagandizing world. Here, where the Artificial Intelligence Leviathan processes eighty-eight percent of ALL the #data that traverses the nearly fully human integrated Internet of Things hosts like parasites. Where televisions and Smart Phones listen to and watch us instead of vice versa and we have the Boolean option of either spend our Jekyll Island Notes or our Corporate granted #globalist backed Fakebook “block-chain” we’ve all consented to…because, ya know…it’s easy and free until you’re de-platformed.  Most everything in #Socialism, Communism, #Fascism, and most other forms of slavery or #subversion is free until you are made to pay. Freedom is simply not free. You have to actively seek it regularly and ensure you are not being undermined by the power hungry.

There is nothing redeemable about the supposedly freedom loving placating to the monolithic globalist, hive mind, non-individualist #agendas. Every person has the rights of man as detailed in our founding documents and was fought for by many generations before us, that is actively being undermined by most of our Corporate sell out politicians.

If you disagree you may be a sellout to your own #sovereignty, and are no more a member of your host city, state, province, country etc. than a political representative that prefers illegal aliens to citizens.  You are are likely easily mislead to believe false truths such as men are women, a Jewish person is a Nazi and Black people are white supremacists.  You somehow came to these conclusions even though you are likely overly educated, partisan, angry #individual.  Stop projecting your strange racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and anti-semetic ideology onto people who have nothing to do with it, if you are the individual I described, snap out of it and get a grip.  Your energy is worth more than being a battery in a pod of millions of others being drained for your life fuel.  This does not have to be the case.

Hate speech simply does not exist, but is an excuse to be #intolerant. It is an acknowledgement that you are in fact rigid, absurd, emotionally underdeveloped and cannot tolerate #conversations or critical thinking and disagreements without being upset and most importantly cannot understand that you, the most intelligent person you know, aside from the other person exactly in your demographic or political sphere is the most intelligent person you know, and the most intelligent person they know and you two agree on about ninety percent of everything cannot possibly be absolutely correct all of the time. Prove me wrong. Let’s chat.

If any this #OFFENDED YOU, there’s no report button, there’s only a talk option.  If I didn’t set you off, let’s chat too, because you probably get it. You can leave forever, or you can #talk.  If  none of what you read applies to you, thank you and congratulations, ignore the entire last three paragraphs, and still…let’s chat.  I’m CinClipS. Nice to meet you. The #Free #Speech #Absolutist. Find me pretty much everywhere free speech is accepted as currency…until it’s not.  I look forward to talking to you again.

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