Dave Chappelle is to Freedom What Donald Trump is to…

  https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/59ngpb/you-can-definitely-skip-dave-chappelles-new-netflix-special-sticks-and-stones https://archive.is/zAjlK Here’s the latest, most popular hit piece on one of the masters of comedy & by an extension a #free #speech hero. Remove the name Dave #Chappelle & my oh my doesn’t this sound familiar? The short memory of

Un-Censoring Pocahontas’s (Elizabeth Warren’s) Re-branding of Cultural Appropriation

  Elizabeth Warren scrubs website of Cherokee ancestry claims https://archive.is/HzJGx Elizabeth Warren has disowned her disastrous DNA stunt but will the journalists who initially promoted it? https://archive.is/IoR8I Warren apologizes for heritage claims as Democratic presidential contenders woo Native Americans in Sioux City

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