Study: Leftists Probably Hate Your Beliefs & Definitely Want Them Censored. 🚫

The Ideology of Censorship Abstract Recent work has suggested that Liberals have sacred values about protecting low status groups and thus are particularly prone to bias against any information that portrays those groups unfavorably. In a preregistered study (n = 559), we

Un-Censoring Pocahontas’s (Elizabeth Warren’s) Re-branding of Cultural Appropriation

  Elizabeth Warren scrubs website of Cherokee ancestry claims Elizabeth Warren has disowned her disastrous DNA stunt but will the journalists who initially promoted it? Warren apologizes for heritage claims as Democratic presidential contenders woo Native Americans in Sioux City


UPDATE: Since people and #evidence tend to go missing in the #swamp #Matrix, and this particular #pedophile agent was (is) a #targeted person, the following will be here (in the event of #censorship) for #Epstein the #littleblackbook Ghislaine #Maxwell #NXIVM #pedogate #pizzagate

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