FOLLOWUP: Cummings. Baltimore. DNC. Pelosi. Part 2 – Elijah Cummings dies at 68. Long live the People.

Cummings, powerful congressman leading Trump probe, has died Boom. Your move. #Cummings. #Baltimore. #DNC. #Pelosi. Followup to Cummings. Baltimore. DNC. Pelosi. Tick. Tock. #Timing is Everything. WHO is the [DS]? #Bush. Koch. McCain. Cummings. RBG? What is the [DS]? FBI+CIA Leadership:

Un-Censoring Pocahontas’s (Elizabeth Warren’s) Re-branding of Cultural Appropriation

  Elizabeth Warren scrubs website of Cherokee ancestry claims Elizabeth Warren has disowned her disastrous DNA stunt but will the journalists who initially promoted it? Warren apologizes for heritage claims as Democratic presidential contenders woo Native Americans in Sioux City

Concerning Google Monster Thought Police Election Manipulation the Clintons & Dr. Robert Epstein

UPDATE: UMMM. #ClintonBodyCount type activities? What the actual fuck is going on here?  Looks like the update of Dr. Epstein’s death date was likely done by someone on a Sprint PCS device from New York Paralegal at 14 Murray St, Ste 170,

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