Dave Chappelle is to Freedom What Donald Trump is to…




Here’s the latest, most popular hit piece on one of the masters of comedy & by an extension a #free #speech hero. Remove the name Dave #Chappelle & my oh my doesn’t this sound familiar?

The short memory of our population, with programs far more sophisticated than the famed #MKULTRA has once again convinced us that very #stable #genius Dave Chappelle’s new show is an anomaly.

Furthermore, we are also seeing that free #speech is divided upon #party lines…but what exactly are the party lines?

Same Stream Media

Mr. Chappelle is being attacked by the same shit show #media the President is & there all calls everywhere to shut down his free speech for the sake of “#SocialJustice.” He is officially a black white #supremacist at this point. He is #President Donald J. #Trump: a freedom #advocate who intentionally sets seemingly obvious traps to expose #totalitarianism. The President’s preferred medium is woke #Twitter, Chappelle’s is woke #Netflix.

There is no #left & #right, there is freedom & control. There is #illusion & reality. #Freedom isn’t political. The conflict is between #establishment control freak #progressives & their useful idiots (e.g. #Hollywood, the #mockingbird media etc.) Vs. The #people.

John #McCain, Lindsay #Graham & Mitt #Romneys of the world ARE THE SAME as Nancy #Pelosi, Elijah #Cummings and YES, #AOC.

Evidence? Of course…

Cancel Culture Isn’t Real Life — Yet



On Chappelle

VICE 2017: Dave Chapelle’s New Standup Is Offensive in All the Wrong Ways

The jokes were mean and lazy. They were something I never thought I’d see: Dave Chappelle punching down.



National Review 2019: Dave Chappelle Shouldn’t Defend Michael Jackson




On Trump

VICE 2019: Trump’s Approval Among Republicans Went Up After His Racist Tweets

The country as a whole thinks they’re awful, but his approval ratings in his own party went up this week.



It cannot be overstated how much propaganda #indoctrination you have been subjected to for you to believe half of the population is racist, which would be a radical increase of #racism from 2016, since some of these same group of people are two time #Obama voters and #Bernie Sanders primary voters.

Furthermore, it would be a dramatic level of racism considering it would mean we are at least as #racist or more than the #JimCrow era… Anyway, consistency…

National Review 2016: Against Trump



Notice anything? Consistency.

Controllers of Speech

Who is VICE?


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Who is National Review?




If all of the assclowns are calling you a bigot & agree you need to be silenced, you’re doing it right. 👍🏽

No one that wants you to shut up & do what they tell you to do is on your side.

No one should be silenced for ANY REASON. Words are not violence. Period. Free speech is not #Nazism. Nazism is #Totalitarianism. A pillar of Totalitarianism of the #silencing of free speech & controlling the narrative.

#TheGreatAwakening #FREEDOMMATTERS #WWG1WGA 🇺🇸

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