FOLLOWUP: Cummings. Baltimore. DNC. Pelosi. Part 2 – Elijah Cummings dies at 68. Long live the People.

Cummings, powerful congressman leading Trump probe, has died

Boom. Your move.

#Cummings. #Baltimore. #DNC. #Pelosi.

Followup to Cummings. Baltimore. DNC. Pelosi.

Tick. Tock. #Timing is Everything.

WHO is the [DS]?






What is the [DS]?

FBI+CIA Leadership:

#FakeNews Media:

Fredo. Don Lemon. Matt Lauer. etc.

Silicone Valley:



Patriots: As you can see, like a broken record…just as they have with all the previous notorious swamp creatures including Bush Sr. & McCain, everyone especially the anti-Trump Republic-rats & the paid #opposition bka Fox News are praising the “civil rights icon.” Nothing bad can be said about him etc. It’s great to continuously see how these people truly feel.

Cummings on the Issues.

This #civil #rights icon did so much for his community it got burned down during the infamous 2015 #Baltimore #riot catastrophe, which he personally provoked with screams of “no justice…no peace!” Causing #millions of dollars of physical damage & irreparable relationship damage between the people & the majority minority police sworn to protect them.

Baltimore riots: A timeline

This so called “leader” did so much for his district in three decades it took #opportunity zones from racist #Orange man & his Nazi supporters to volunteer to clean it up.

This steward of fact finding did everything humanly possible to cover up & run #interference for Killary #Clinton killing Americans in #Benghazi, Libya.

This #bipartisan champion’s love for the other side was so deep he was literally signing #anti-Trump subpoenas on his deathbed.

Cummings in His Own Words.

Before the leviathan #Google monster & fake internet scrub his misbehavior completely from our hivemind: ladies & gentlemen, Elijah Cummings in his own words.

Q+ has always had their numbers.

Here is a brief history of the POTUS & the Rat Lord’s feud, with the usual #MKULTRA spin.  Any keen observer would notice the democrats are on defense on this issue, and it is all related to #money.

Cummings: The Timeline.

Opportunity Zones Haven’t Been Finalized, But Baltimore Is Already Taking Action

January 22, 2019

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigns amid book scandal

May 2, 2019

Top Democrat’s wife may have gained ‘illegal private benefit’ from his committee activities

May 20, 2019

Maya Rockeymoore Cummings calls IRS complaint against her politically motivated

May 21, 2019

Elijah Cummings denies wife’s charity is conflict of interest or tax violation

May 23, 2019

Trump attacks majority-black district represented by critic

July 28, 2019

Cummings urges Trump to ‘come to Baltimore’

August 4, 2019

Trump maligned Baltimore. Residents welcomed his visit with protests.

September 13, 2019

Cummings, The Nexus.

Who is Elijah Cummings’s wife?

A certified swamp creature.

5 Facts about Elijah Cummings’ Wife Maya Rockeymoore

Define rat trap.

Cummings. Baltimore. DNC (Biden). Pelosi.

Their negativity & arrogance will be their downfall. Turns out it’s bad for your health.

Elijah Cummings had a bad heart. Enough said…For now.

Remember [BS].

Stay tuned Patriots. Long live the People.

#WeAreTheNews #FREEDOMMATTERS #WWG1WGA #TheGreatAwakening #Q

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