MEGAPOST: Hong Kong’s People are: We, the People. 🇺🇸 The Government Withdrawals…

What you are apparently seeing is right wing #extremist white nationalists who love Trump & post #Pepe memes…the horror!



Pepe the Frog Means Something Different in Hong Kong—Right?

Pepe is popping up all over Hong Kong—on walls, in forums, in sticker packs for apps—as a symbol of resistance against an authoritarian state.

RT: Hong Kong’s leader announces withdrawal of extradition bill that caused months of protests

As Hong Kong Protesters Wave the Stars and Stripes, Some See Grist for Chinese Propaganda

‘We want the U.S. to guard our rights,’ says one flag waver

Hong Kong police draw guns in latest protest violence

Hong Kong police draw guns in latest protest violence.pdf

Hong Kong police target high-profile activists Joshua Wong, Andy Chan and Agnes Chow in wave of arrests amid anti-government protests

We seem to have some confusion or intentional #Alinsky style obfuscation on the #EuroAmerican left on what constitutes the people, freedom & democracy…

WaPo: Xi’s choice: Destroy Trump, or save him and weaken America

Yes, you are reading that correctly. We have American likely socialists embracing the #Chinese government Communist party over your financial future.

The #President is not likely to make a trade deal with a self proclaimed dictator who has a #civil #war for American style freedom going on in his country to make your #iPhone cheaper. Stop being a slave to multinational corporations who are subsequently slaves to the bottom line.

#Sovereignty has relabeled by #progressive speech activists as white nationalism as if being a #Patriot has anything to do with race. There is nothing wrong with one having to help oneself IN ORDER TO help thy neighbor. It’s logical. It is illogical to intentionally destroy oneself because ones neighbor does not have the instinct or fortitude to help themselves, distributing #energy & other resources to be wasted by said neighbor. Both will succumb!

#Globalism, #Communism & #Socialism self destructive & by extension, totally #destructive mentalities. Furthermore, the government compelling ine to do just about anything is a #violation of a right, therefore is not freedom.

I’m assuming after reading things like that, this character is in such an #MKULTRA fit he has woven a web so large & mysterious it make Trump Russian collusion look like a bed time story. Somehow the simultaneously very stupid yet super evil very stable genius from #SPECTRE that is #Orange Man & the UK #MI6 have waged a #proxy war & have an entire country of implants calling themselves #HongKong citizens…for what, no one is yet to establish.

There is a much simpler answer: these Hong Kong’ers are freedom loving people who are formerly British by all intents & purposes. America, which is in vogue for all silver spoon #socialists to love to hate is still the beacon for freedom, & the people are fighting their #totalitarian government for their rights, including free speech & expression. #Xi is a #Communist #dictator, & #leftism is on the wrong side of freedom. 🤡🌍🤷🏽‍♂️🇺🇸

#QANON #TheGreatAwakening #WeAreTheNews #FREEDOMMATTERS #WWG1WGA

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